Thisyearsmodel - Overkill (An Anthology) FA013


Liner Notes by Neil Rubenstein*

"Thisyearsmodel was a band from Birmingham, AL in the late 1990's. The stuff on here appeared on:

• A demo that Fadeaway Records released

• A split with Hot Rod Circuit that Fadeaway Records released

• "The Best Comp in the World" that Fadeaway Records released

• "Wanted New Best Friends" an EP that (nope!) Law Of Inertia released (didn't see that one coming did ya?)

We've also "sweetened" the pot (that reminds me: legalize marijuana) with a couple of unreleased jams we recorded at the end with Brian Lane of Brand New (omg, I totally have to buy this now) and a live show recorded at The Downtown in Farmingdale, LI also with Brand New. (There was a split live CD that floated around for a while.)

Jesse Lacey sings on the end of "Hamilton Camp". That's the guy who played Ralph Furley's brother on Three's Company. Hamilton Camp not Jesse Lacey. I didn't think I had to explain to you who Jesse Lacey was. John Ritter was an amazing comedic actor. RIP.

One of the songs on the Law of Inertia EP, "Leopard Prints & Studded Belts", features Daryl from Glassjaaw. Features is a weird word... He’s also on it, but I don’t think it really “features” him. He isn’t fully showcased on this here MP3.

TYM was me, Steve & Karen Gache, Joe Corbo. Joe Hess was a part of the band to start, helped write and played on the demo & comp track. Facts are not my specialty.**

* Neil also wanted me to let you know that.. "I wrote this while pooping in a text to you."
**due to the lack of demand, overkill is strictly being released digitally.

As with all Fadeaway releases, 100% of the proceeds from this release will be donated to a charity of the bands choosing.. Thisyearsmodel has chosen to donate to The American Diabetes Association.

1 A is For Asshole
2 Stupid
3 Hamilton Camp (ft. Jesse Lacey)
4 Visible Distance (UOA Cover)
5 God's Gift to Old Tricks
6 Pornstar Formula (Alternate Version)
7 One Million Volumes
8 Pornstar Formula
9 The Impossible (Baby Horrific)
10 Goodnight Gorgeous
11 Leopard Prints & Studded Belts (ft. Daryl Palumbo)
12 Too Much Macintosh
13 You Never Get A 2nd Chance To Make A 1st Impression
14 A Very Special Christmas
15 Great American Heroin Addiction
16 Too Much Macintosh
17 Western Star
18 Next Atlantis
19 Toys R Us Kids
20 Stupid (Live At The Downtown 11/18/00)
21 A is for Asshole (Live At The Downtown 11/18/00)
22 God's Gift to Old Tricks (Live At The Downtown 11/18/00)
23 Pornstar Formula (Live At The Downtown 11/18/00)
24 The Impossible (Baby Horriffic) (Live At The Downtown 11/18/00)
25 You Never Get A 2nd Chance To Make A 1st Impression (Live At The Downtown 11/18/00)